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Burnside snubs slowdown

February 1, 2016

It’s been in place for decades in Unley. And most drivers abide by it.

But it seems that the citizenry of neighbouring Burnside are against the idea of restricting motorists in their suburbs to 40kph.

In all the years that the lower limit has been around, “Grumpy” has only received a handful of complaints…compared with the regular gripe I get about the humping and plateauing between Greenhill Road and Cross Road.

Meanwhile, of much more importance, in my view at least, is the recent and ridiculous legislation  giving the lycra brigade, and its fringe elements, the right  to use footpaths.

Councils, we are told, have the power of exemption, in  certain cases, and I believe that they have a duty to protect pedestrians for the ludicrous invasion of foot-traffic territory. I believe that there will, inevitably, be a serious injury.

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