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Council rates in the spotlight…again

February 2, 2016

What a wonderful example of the pot calling the kettle back…

Former Member of Parliament (that’s the level of government which has sent  South Australia to the brink of bankruptcy on more than  one occasion in living memory!)Greg Crafter has been pontificating to a parliamentary inquiry about the need for local government reforms to prevent “sky=rocketting” rates bills…

April Fools Day is still a few weeks away, Mr Crafter!

As a long-term Councillor I and my elected colleagues are all too aware of the angst out there when the rates bills come round. We are also aware of the extra angst that would erupt if services were to be slashed.

Where do you start, then , to achieve Mr Crafter’s goal? How about filling in the Unley Pool and building high-rise rates-generating apartments? Libraries? Another easy target . Social services for the elderly or infirm? To hell with care and compassion. Crumbling footpaths and roads? Let them crumble.

In the years I have been in Local Government  I have seen responsibility-shedding tactics emanating from North Terrace. And whopping increases in the “take” from things like the Emergency Services levy.

Perhaps, Mr Crafter, that’s where you should be directing your ire and campaign.





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