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Tour Down Under tactics

February 3, 2016

It sounds OK in principle…allow local councils to strike along-term agreements with the organisers/sponsors  of the TDU.

But there could be bumps in the road.

Firstly,what happens if subsequent newly elected members of councils which currently host stages are not hot on the idea of splurging out (for whatever financial rewards) big bucks on what is, if you really think about it, not exactly core business.

And how do you handle the allocation of stages if there is an over-supply of would-be participating councils? For example. Burnside is now apparently going to throw its hat into  the ring for 2018, to mix a sporting metaphor, having only two years ago dismissed a stage star as “a costly exercise with limited potential to recoup the required investment”.

Meanwhile, that’s not the question on hand, as Unley has been remarkably successful in what has become a rolling money-spinner for local traders… but a more-than $230,000 from the rates.

Having said that, that very success may be its worst enemy, as the organisers  could perhaps, just perhaps, eventually decide that a change of programme might inject new whole interest.

Don’t get the idea that Grumpy (an enthusiastic rider in the days when  penny-farthings were the latest thing on the market) thinks that Unley should stand aside for other councils.

But one DOES have to look at possible bumps in the road…And it’s unfair on  future would-be councillors to be saddled with pre-determined expenditure.





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