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More footy warning signs

February 10, 2016

Further to my comments on the hi-jacking of Unley Oval for a whole week to allow a mob of footy players from interstate to hone their kicking “skills”, comes the ominous news, via the Advertiser’s sports pages, that the SANFL is the last hold-out state when it comes to the AFL grabbing full control of the national sport.

At least that’s how it has been explained to me by someone who claims to actually understand the codes’ shenanigans.

OK. So I’m a suspicious old  bastard, but if Unley is unable to have effective control of the patch of turf at the end of Oxford Terrace under the present hierarchy, what’s it going to be like when we are up against the AFL bulldozer?

And that, I believe, dear reader, is  really why we now have those intrusive pickets.

“Well, you’ve already got one barrier to the openness of the Oval, so an external fence won’t make much difference.”

You read it here first…

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  1. February 11, 2016 10:41 am

    Michael, you are spot on. The current lock out is a complete nonsense and it seems we have an administration that will bend over backwards to support whatever the SFC asks for. The are likely to be equally as charmed by Gillon McLachlan should the AFL come knocking more often. The Council are the decision making body concerning the affairs of Unley Oval. When will Council actually use their power to say no? Enough is enough.

    And before anyone starts to accuse me of being anti Sturt and anti football, I love that football is played at Unley and that the NAB Cup game is coming to our lovely community. The Oval is sparkling but it is unfair and wrong to lock the community out of the Oval for a week to facilitate this game. Why is it necessary?


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