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War on city cars.

February 15, 2016

A good idea. Design city bus lanes that discourage motorists from driving into the CBD.

Or is it? Grumpy is a suspicious old bastard, and looking beyond the headlines sees what could be a major headache for the inner suburbs already plagued by all-day-parking motorists.

While it may well be a good idea to reduce private traffic in  the CBD, thus speeding up the bus services, I believe the move will, inevitably, place more strain on the inner-ring suburbs, especially Unley, as city- bound drivers step up their residential street invasion.

The powers-that-be seem unable to grasp the simple fact that it is a nonsense to spend mega-bucks on the northern end of the southern freeway. All that dosh should go (as I bang on about constantly)  low-cost, high-rise all-day parking.

Perhaps we should stop our pollies from taking needless overseas trips at tax-payers’ expense, and instead have  traffic “experts” look at those cities in Britain which have,. for many years, enjoyed the benefits of park-and-bus services.

It ain’t brain surgery…

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