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Yellow Brick Road” memories…Unley style.

February 24, 2016

Former Unley Mayor Denis Sheridan’s rosy reminiscences of his part in the creation of Unley’s transformation  of the council area’s premier shopping precinct had Grumpy recalling HIS introduction to the scheme.

It  was in 1985.The mayoral robes had been passed to Barry Scheutz. “Grumpy” had joined the ranks of elected members as one of the Councillors for what was then Goodwood South Ward…and King William Road was in turmoil as a result of the replacement of dull old tarmac with orange/brown interlocking pavers. NOISY old orange/brown interlocking pavers.

Pavers which, under the State Government’s insistence,  should have been undertaken by the Great Unemployed . Trouble was, the scheme was scheduled for the summer months, and the G.U., for some strange reason, weren’t hot on the idea and stayed away in droves.

Enter the professionals, who fast tracked the scheme…without ,we were  told later,taking into account the afore-mentioned weather conditions.

Enter “Grumpy” into the Council Chamber, bearing a just a small portion  of the hundreds of metres of severely cracked kerbing caused by the pavers’ expansion..

Which, legend has it, added just a few (read six-figure) dollars to the scheme’s bottom line, to remedy.

And they all lived happily ever after.






, we were later told, taking into account the aforementioned weather.

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