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Hands off Unley’s “Village Green”

February 25, 2016

It’s still very much in the planning stage, but I want to get it straight from the start (and did so at an open-to-the-public meeting of Unley Council’s Development Strategy and Policy Committee)  last week…

I am implacably opposed to any idea of   redevelopment/ interference with the “Village Green” behind the Council offices…via demolition of the  Edmund Avenue villas… to facilitate three-storey development.  The Green is not, I understand , listed as a heritage item, but it SHOULD be, if only as a tribute to the far-sightedness of the Council which saved the area  for posterity in the third quarter of the last century.

Meanwhile, I have  no problems with most of the major rezoning and redevelopment of the central business zone, though there is a niggling thought in the back my mind that  the proposed alterations to traffic flow in Oxford Terrace ,  Frederick and Arthur Street and (most importantly) Unley Road may not find favour with the State level of Government.

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