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Jolly Green Giant for a cool Unley.

March 3, 2016

It’s going to be seven metres tall, four metres w1de… And green. Green. Green.

Those are the vital statistics of the”vertical garden” which will soon adorn the entrance alongside the Unley Road frontage of the Civic Centre.

And it’s all in the name of a greener, cooler, water-efficient  centre-piece of the Council’s “Greening and Living” objectives in its four-year plan.

The venture comes after an evaluation of Council-owned buildings by leading green roof and walls professional Graeme Hopkins, who says that the outcome will be a welcoming entry statement to the Civic entre, and will help cool the façade in summer afternoons by a welcome 10 degrees. The greenery will also mean air quality improvement and will lower the temperature in the vicinity of the entrance, particularly during the summer afternoons.

Announcing the initiative, Environmental Projects and Strategy Coordinator Kat Ryan said that  with the planned increases in population and housing density in the 30-year plan for greater Adelaide it would help  Unley in it’s long- strategic approach to reduce the impacts of urban heating in a warmer climate.term

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