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Sitting on our assets…

March 11, 2016

I am a Bear of Little Brain when it comes to financial matters, and I find it hard to be convinced that footpaths, roadways and trees can be classified as civic “assets”.

To my simple mind, an asset is something which you can realise on when times get tough. Which is why I came away  somewhat confused from a recent workshop function  in which Councillors were told that debt was good as we had a big bag of assets that we could use as a persuasive  lever to go deeply into debt with the financial institutions.

Also included in the “asset” category were trees, on which, I was told frequently as a young lad, money does not grow.

Meanwhile, Unley Council Administration and Elected Members are girding their loins for the annual blood-letting that goes on to establish the exact rates rise to be announced in a few months. All this in the shadow of that dreaded North Terrace phrase/threat “capping the rates”.





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