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“Funny business” bonanza.

March 19, 2016

Armed with bidding instructions and a lot number, “Grumpy” hied himself off to a Norwood auction house a couple of days ago on behalf of a Victor Harbor mate with an insatiable appetite for paper memorabilia.

Never one to stint himself,  Steve the seaside hoarder told me I could go as high (“gasp”) as $30 for a lot of three vintage comics which had caught his eye on  the website.

Poised to lift my  bidding number skyward, I didn’t even get a chance  to bid. Two avid collectors on opposite sides of the auction rooms were determined  to acquire the nostalgic adventures of  iconic personality “Blinky Bill”. I’m not quite sure, having spent my English childhood wrapped/rapt in the intergalactic adventure of Dan Dare, in a comic called the “Eagle”,  but I think Blinky was involved many moons ago in something called the politically incorrect  “Witchetty Tribe” comic. Perhaps someone can enlighten me..

Be that as it may, the bidding was fast and furious, starting well above my mate’s upper limit. Eventually the hammer fell at $150 (plus commission)!!!

Time, I think, folks, to head for the attic and those suitcases and cardboard boxes which have not been touched for a few decades…





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