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Mal haemmoraging

March 23, 2016

When you do your sums, the “horror” story  fallout from a northern council’s decision to grant their chief executive (town clerk in the old terminology) a $100,000-plus runabout is not quite as bad as it seems.

The northern suburbs Mal Hemmerling will be paying back $25,000 per year for use of the vehicle, and when it is sold the monies go back to the council coffers. Hopefully to spend on a more modest mode of transport.

Having said all that, the council has unwittingly and unfortunately poured petrol onto the fiery argument regarding council rates…an annual gripeathon in the sensation-seeking media.

Most members of Unley Council contribute to the city’s treasury through rates (for the Grumpy tribe that comes to almost $4000 a year) and you can rest assured that any proposed rise sparks heated debate…not, I can assure you, through self-interest! We all are very aware of the angst out there, but to cut services in any shape or form (such as libraries) would bring a tsunami of protest.

Local councillors know local issues, and I believe it would be a most unfortunate and retrograde step to give the North Terrace asylum  inmates rates control.

P.s. I was cheered to see in today’s Tiser story mention of the Local Government Association’s views on the sneaky way in  which the autonomous Natural Resources Management Board uses council rate notices to collect their revenue. As I have reported before, this year’s “take” rose by a whopping 13percent. Disgraceful.

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