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AFL drugs. A Fat Lot of unsurprise.

March 25, 2016

Ho, hum. Shock Horror.Yawn Yawn.

Another headline about drug taking in the Great Australian Game of AFL.

Is anyone REALLY surprised that they should be surprised? After all, given the world-wide headlines in recent times there doesn’t seem to be any sports code left with a clean sheet and clear conscience.The need and the greed to win is just too strong.

Recent weeks have seen tennis stars sussed out. A cloud thrown over the Aussie capture of the world’s  top boxing accolade. I wait with bated breath for the next surprise. Perhaps from that sin-ridden arena of Scrabble, which is staging a major competition in Unley this weekend.

Sorry. Must dash, I’m competing in that. Hope I beat the drug-o-meter.

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