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Dope pedallers

April 17, 2016

The only people more stupid  than the cyclists who race along our footpaths at 50kph are the moronic legislators who brought in the potentially lethal law.

There have already been instances of the practice claiming victims, and it won’t be long before a young child (or children) fall victim of the idiocy.

Given the  impediments already experienced by pedestrians in my neck of the woods (Parkside)…aging trees that give only 65cms of clearway for footpath users, for example…there has to be a swift back-pedal on the new legislation.

Any motorist you speak to will have horror stories of the weaving, death-defying deeds of members of the two-wheel brigade on the roadway. To escalate that to include PATHS is criminal. But then most of the no-brainer law-makers who infest our second-tier government just don’t live in the real world.

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