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11-storey “pyramid” for Unley central?

April 19, 2016

Under draft suggestions for a transformation of the central Unley business district,  development could see a multi-storey commercial tower  as the focal point, with other buildings diminishing to two-storey town houses around the edges in areas such as the “Village Green”.

Councillors, independent members of the Council’s Development Strategy and Policy Committee and a small gallery of members of “Focus”, the Friends of Unley group, were given an extensive walk through possible designs for the multi-million-dollar concept.

The meeting was told that preliminary information-gathering late last year had attracted 140 submissions, indicating general support for the intent and key concepts outlined in the Precinct Plan, with concerns raised by some respondents focusing on the height and density of the buildings, respect for heritage places and “village” character , impacts from traffic congestion and the lack of suggested parking.

The second stage of consultation with key stakeholder representatives in a “Design Lab” process has involved major property owners, community, heritage and environmental groups (such as “Focus”), bike user groups and members of the Unley Road Traders Association.

The next step will be the preparation o a draft DPA to guide private development, including an associated “Public Infrastructure Plan” to guide the necessary complementary realm development.

A further report and presentation to the committee will take place to review the plan and consider endorsement  before release for formal public and agency consultation.

Meanwhile, always the pessimist/realist, “Grumpy” advises you to hold your breath for as long as you can…perhaps a decade.

Sleep well.

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