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Tragedy on North Terrace.

April 20, 2016

Scene: The footpath outside Parliament House on North Terrace. .

Cast: A dense crowd of lunch-time pedestrians, including a “crocodile” of  young schoolchildren.

Villain: A dense, unhelmeted woman cyclist travelling downhill towards the railway station at considerably more than walking pace (i.e. at an estimated 20 to 30kph) with no warning device (read bell) in operation..

Script-writer: The political morons at the aforesaid Parliament House, who will soon have a preventable death on their hands thanks to the unthinking legislation just introduced to turn footPATHS into  two-wheeled danger zones.

My non-regard for those responsible for shared footpaths will increase, if that is possible, when there is a death, perhaps  of a child, or a   slow-moving pensioner.

Meanwhile there is apparently some escape for Local Government (read your local councils) to have some footpaths exempted from the dual occupancy. It will be very interesting to see how that is put into practice. And, more importantly, how it could be policed.

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