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What a load of spheroids!

April 27, 2016

Just when you thought that the nanny state couldn’t get any sillier, came the whacky Council  wallies over Port Adelaide Enfield way…with their batty bid to ban hard cricket balls from public parks under their jurisdiction.

The spoil-sport burghers could have saved themselves a lot of public ridicule if they had considered the whole issue rationally.

It is just NOT POSSIBLE to combat   every conceivable hazard in our lives.But just so that the northern councillors don’t feel lonely in their lunacy, “Grumpy” is contemplating placing a motion on Unley Council’s next public meeting agenda calling for all trees on public land between Greenhill Road and Cross Road having their lower limbs trimmed to way above head height. That way would-be Tarzans and Janes will be spared the trip to hospital for treatment to THEIR limbs.

Meanwhile, back in the wards for the mentally bewildered…

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  1. April 27, 2016 2:46 pm

    Mike, you really do need to have a bit of a lie down.
    Rest those crazy thoughts.
    … but I do agree with you regarding the stupidity of the Port Adelaide Enfield Council initiative to ban hard cricket balls.

    For a quality read visit Bob’s Blog 🏏


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