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Rates comments rattle a colleague’s cage

April 28, 2016

Oh dear. I seem to have seriously rattled a western ward councillor’s cage with my assertions about the soaring debt level of Unley. I stand by, however,  my claim that it is a decided worry, and that we are not considering the long-term effect of artificially skewing the annual rate rises by lumbering future generations with galloping debt..

When it comes to truth in advertising, I would point out that, despite  his allegation to the contrary, I WAS present at one of the pre-budget gatherings when an “expert” told us that borrowings were good and that we should delve deeper into debt. He did NOT convince me.

As a ratepayer who is facing a $3,000-plus bill in June, it would seem  financially  logical that I would plump for an artificially low rate rise. But I believe we should be long-term prudent.

As my dear old grandpa used to say…”A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”.

I’m Grumpy.

And I’m STILL right.


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  1. April 29, 2016 7:48 am

    Poor old Don Palmer.
    He seems to have taken an un-winnable position … Advocating for higher loans whilst maintaining very low rates. It looks good for the current ratepayers, but it’ll be tough on the next generation and people new to the area.
    Interesting that he has seemingly become Unley Council’s spokesman. Why isn’t the Mayor on his soapbox advocating for higher debt?


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