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Unley Council rates: The never-ending story.

April 28, 2016

Lunching with friends at Mick O’Shea’s great Irish pub eatery just south of Morphett Vale this afternoon, the guest of honour presented me with a plastic envelope filled with ephemera dating back to the late Fifties. A cutting about the wonderful News columnist Max Fatchen. A double-page spread in the TVGuide on the 1851 stone cottage retreat of the pre-“Grumpy” family…

..and miraculously, considering this week’s media  brouhaha over Unley Council’s rate-setting gab-fest, my first-ever (June 1985) “Viewpoint” ward newsletter covering details of an EIGHT percent rate rise!!! How’s them for apples?.

As a side bar to the main story… which revealed that yours truly and Alderman Tim Cambell and Councillor Tony Bell would form a sub-committee to investigate the engaging of a PR firm to explain to ratepayers the effects of the introduction of four differential rates… was the news that some senior Council members had criticized my election campaign..


I also told my readers that the then Mayor and political hopeful Denis Sheridan had accused me of over-stating the loans situation, saying that I was incorrect in claiming that Unley’s yearly repayment was $700,000. Whoopie-do. It was, Mr Sheridan announced triumphantly, only $687,100. Un-bloody-believeable!

So. Nothing really changes does it? Even after 31 years…

And on June 11 of that year I was pleased to second a succcessful motion that the budget be prepared without recourse to loans. Only three voted against it.

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