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Unley a la mode

May 2, 2016

Un petit bird tells me that the idea of a Gallic-flavoured set of initiatives for  Unley in the wake of the submarine contract is quite a lot further along the pipeline than  flagged by Mayor Lachlan Clyne in this week’s chip-wrapper . Sources very close to the scene.claim the only apparent stumbling block  to  a French invasion  is the search for a suitable school  site for the children of the workers His Worship wants to  favour the leafy glades of Unley for their temporary stay.  Or maybe NOT  so temporary.

The same sources tell me that the rapport between our civic leader and the Alliance Francaise (based in Unley) is very strong.

Bon chance.


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  1. May 2, 2016 9:19 pm

    Well said Mike. And as you point out Unley has a long relationship with France through our historical link to Pozieres.

    We know this project will employ thousands over several decades. What we don’t know is how many French. We can hazard a guess that a number of designers and engineers will be French and need to spend significant periods of time in Adelaide (so most likely with their families).

    Cultural groups tend to live in close proximity to one another so where better than in Unley?

    One oportunity will be to see if DCNS will set up their regional head office in Unley, perhaps on Greenhill Rd or maybe even as an anchor tenant in “Unley Central”.


    • May 3, 2016 12:12 pm

      Mayor Clyne, it sounds more like publicity for your push for preselection as a Liberal candidate at the next State Election. I understand that Port Adelaide is pushing hard to accommodate the French down there. And that makes sense. They need to be close to the work.
      It’s time that you made a public announcement about your candidacy.


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