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Goodwood Community Centre under new management.

May 3, 2016

After 16 years under the joint management of Unley Council and Goodwood Community Services Inc, Goodwood Community Centre is to be run independently by GCS… an outsourcing move which will allow the body to set its own strategic direction, allowing the community to identify and respond to local needs.

Announcing the change, Mayor Lachlan Clyne said the change would allow GCS to set their own strategic direction and independently provide a range of programmes for the public.

The centre, which has been a valuable part of the community,. has operated with various partnerships with GCS since its construction in 1999.

GCS chairman and former Mayor Mr Michael Keenan said the change was “fantastic news” for the community. “There are approximately 65,ooo visitors to the centre each year and approximately 100 community groups use the facility on an annual basis”.

Under the agreement GCS will be responsible for all staff and volunteers, and the programmes. Council will undertake capital maintenance and care of the building and 50 percent of the utilities.

All existing hire agreements will be honoured,

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  1. May 3, 2016 5:21 pm

    Goodwood Community Centre, like Goodwood Library, is an invaluable community service and resource. I’ve taken children to kindergym and I’ve attended meetings there. Long may it flourish. BUT it has a chronic shortage of parking spaces. I’m constantly annoyed, when I try to support my local Goodwood Central shopping centre (I do have to drive there from my home), to find that users of the community centre, library and church have taken all the parking spaces which are supposed to be for shoppers. The result is that instead of supporting my favourite fruit and veg shop, bakery, butcher and liquor store, I have to drive somewhere else, sometimes in Unley and sometimes in Mitcham or the city. Goodwood Central shopping centre and/or the City of Unley need to enforce parking limits in the shopping centre car park; and Goodwood Community Centre and other entities need to tell their users not to take the shoppers’ parking spaces. I feel sorry for the Goodwood Central shops which miss out on trade from local people who want to shop with them but can’t find a parking space. It’s not fair to them or to the shoppers.


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