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Shape up for soccer success.

May 8, 2016

When it comes to the round ball game it would be wise to think in rectangles.

Great as Adelaide’s never-to-be-forgotten victory last weekend was, the treat for spectators would have been even greater if the seating tiers around the playing area had been squared off.

Soccer demands a rectangular setting. Is there a single oval-shaped ground in Britain, the home of the game? I don’t think so. And, taking another code as an example, rugby demands that spectators can  get as close to the action as possible without actually taking part!.

I may be wrong (heaven forfend!) but I still claim that part of the  demise of the short-lived “Rams” foray into League can be laid at the feet of those who transferred the world’s second best sport from Hindmarsh to Adelaide Oval…where you need high-powered binoculars to witness a try being scored!

Bring on the right setting and you will have to beat back the crush!!!


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  1. May 9, 2016 11:12 am

    It’s all about economics and the dominant footy code in South Australia.
    Whilst I enjoy and support rugby and soccer, let’s face it the dominant code here is AFL which needs an oval. Squares or rectangles will fit in an oval, but only small ovals will fit in a rectangle.
    And don’t forget that the primary purpose of Adelaide Oval is for cricket which also requires an oval; and a large one at that.
    You need to do some spatial sums.
    Yes, it is difficult to watch soccer and rugby at Adelaide Oval, especially from the goal post ends.


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