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Death and disgrace on Everest

May 25, 2016

Another mountain=climbing week. Another two or three foreigner deaths on the world’s tallest challenge.

And STILL ego-tripping foreigners put local Nepalese at risk by hiring them to extricate the bodies…

Of course one should have sympathy for the relatives. But the slopes of Everest are littered with the remains of adventurers who relied on the skill and strength of pitifully paid locals to snatch their little piece of high-altitude glory.

There is not one village in the Solu Khumbu district without memories of local lives lost because of the greedy Nepalese government’s refusal to call a halt to the desecration of Everest.

There really is no kudos in standing on top of the world if it can be achieved by a 90-year-old..`

Grow up..and stay away.

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