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Deathly dilemma

May 30, 2016

Just when you thought the inmates of the North Terrace Home for the Bewildered couldn’t get any more dumb…they do.

In the latest example of parliamentary stupidity comes the story in today’s Tiser which highlights the most recent Alice in Blunderland chapter.

It’s all got to do with the Parliamentary preoccupation with perceived conflict of interest at local Council level. The result is, in some cases, possibly MOST, an insoluble scenario.

Take, for example, the example of Centennial Park Cemetery, jointly owned by Mitcham and Unley Councils,, each of whom supply two Elected Members to the board of directors, alongside three “independents”.

As Grumpy reads the situation, the fact that is that as they are serving councillors they have to refrain from voting on any issue which could be seen to breach the “interest” code.

Which means that there would not be the necessary quorum.
Which means that the whole pack of cards would come tumbling down.
Which is, to put it bluntly a crock of you-know-what.

What REALLY needs burying is the whole “interest” farce.

To the guillotine, mes amis!

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