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Tram trauma transfer

May 31, 2016

Just when all the traders were looking forward to the idea of spending all of their time home with their families for a mere two years while the two kilometres of Unley Road are excavated to provide an underground tram service…

…comes the suggestion that it would really be much better to transfer the whole ludicrous scheme to Goodwood Road. It would be very interesting to conduct a poll.

Meanwhile, Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne, whose vision/nightmare the traumatic tram is, wants Councillors to give consideration to his-pipe dream.

I have. And I’d love to share my views. But sadly this is a family website.

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  1. Ian S permalink
    June 1, 2016 6:11 am

    Surely the economic benefit v’s the outlandish cost should bury these ideas just as quickly as they start. Can’t the millions of shekels be used elsewhere to generate a greater ROI? If anywhere, the tram would be better suited down K-W Rd, or perhaps North Adelaide or Norwood should be the guinea pigs. Burying trams for the sake of not slowing a few car drivers down is a crazy idea. I’m sure a solution with a better ROI can be found within the existing road space. Don’t get me wrong, trams have their place when the system is designed properly (Australia hasn’t managed to do get that concept for the past 200+ years). Use Trolley busses and smooth bus lanes to achieve the same outcome if you must.


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