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Balaklava battlers.

June 6, 2016

So you think you are being badly done-by with your rates bill for the privilege of living in the Unley Council area…

Just consider yourself lucky, lucky, lucky that you aren’t a resident of the northern settlement of Balaklava…

Running into a fellow bidder at today’s Scammell’s auction the country lad asked me what the raters were in Adelaide’s best suburb. When I told him that the bill was approximately $1300 for a $500,000 home his jaw hit the floor. AND NO WONDER. His country retreat, with a modest market value of under $200,000, attracts a whopping $1,600. Which supports his claim to be among the hardest hit rates victims in the State.

Meanwhile it is London to a brick that the Unley rate rise will be in the region of just over two percent…an illusory figure which can only be achieved by a loan bill of $4million-plus, taking the city’s debt to more than …well you REALLY don’t want to know.

Smoke and mirrors.

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