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Environmental levy rip-off.

June 14, 2016

At last! Adelaide’s mayors have woken up to the three-card trick that has been perpetrated by the Natural Resources Management Board… a covert con  that I have railed against for years.

Followers of “Grumpy” will know that I have been a persistent critic of the levy which is tacked onto the annual rates bills , in Unley’s case to the tune of more that $1million a year for the past five years. And for what locally? I have asked the question a number of times…and am still waiting for a credible response.

Last year was marked by a ridiculous THIRTEEN percent rise in the Unley contribution. No that’s NOT a misprint. Thirteen  percent at a time when Council , by dint of soaring debt, kept IT’S rates rise artifically low.

In a week or so, Unley Council will be faced with two views of a rates rise…2.2 or 2.7.  percent, all on top of a soaring debt which is  now more than $17million.   I will be voting against  both suggestions. I believe we are living  beyond our means and should bite the bullet instead of burdening future generations with unsustainable debt repayments.

Perhaps we should look at the recent revelation  that Unley has 30 more staff than comparable  neighbouring Councils with a similar population.


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