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LGA…Local Government Arrogance

July 2, 2016

I have, for many a year, had distinct qualms about the benefit(s) of Unley Council paying out considerably more than peanuts to the Local Government Association.

In the past couple of weeks that opinion has been bolstered by the news that not only is Marion revisiting its preferred withdrawal from the body, but that Salisbury is also contemplating being master of its own destiny.

Today’s “Advertiser” item on page 4 strengthens my view, and supports the case for the above-mentioned local government bodies’ planned defection. Battling against  what could become a growing climate of disaffection, the powers-that-be at LGA House seem to be resorting to strong-arm tactics which, to my mind, do the exact opposite from strengthening the “Stand united” rallying call.

In the “Tiser”report on the issue LGAchief executive Matt Pinnegar said that he had advised Marion it    would continue to be treated as a member of the association “until the validity of its motion was confirmed”. What arrogance!

The decision to leave or stay with the organisation should be a matter solely for councils, not the victim of stand-over tactics.

Marion and Salisbury should be applauded for their review of the benefits of squandering ratepayers’ money.

Perhaps, just perhaps, others will consider their future involvement.


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