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Tree threat to footpath upgrades.

July 21, 2016


The good news is that 22 streets in the City of Unley are destined for an upgrade of their footpaths.

The BAD news is that a third of those streets  have trees that restrict the access of the footpaths by users of gophers, wheelchairs and prams.

In a series of questions which “Grumpy” has  put to Council Administration., and which will be on the agenda of the July meeting of Council, it has been revealed that  seven of the 22 streets have an issue with street trees that restrict footpath use,  with four  which would be “significantly” impacted upon by the remedial action need to make the footpaths accessible to ALL users.

Meanwhile the good news is that , in  preparing a footpath renewal program  each year, the Administration takes into account  the available verge width in each street, the condition of the kerb and water table and the pram ramps compliance for each street. And the main object is to raise the previous footpath standard with of 1.2metres to 1.55.

However, if the restrictive tree is in good condition,  no action is taken and the works are  undertaken around this obstacle, which may cause what is euphemistically described as a “pinch point”.

Meanwhile, “Grumpy” is trying to enlist the help of a Member of the Legislate Council to campaign on the behalf of gopher, wheelchair and pram users who, especially in  the narrow streets of Parkside, are forced onto the roadway when  confronted with trees whose trunk are as close as 65cms to the neighbouring fence/wall…Highly dangerous.

Watch this space.



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