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Clueless cycling “solutions”.

July 28, 2016

One can only hope that the perpetrators of the costly, incompetent Gadarene rush to placate and provide for our pedal-pushers will take note of the $1.5million farce that is the Frome Street disaster.

Sadly it doesn’t seem likely. It’s taken two years for the  traffic “experts” to realise that the  whole cycle charade has to go. One can only feel dread for just how effective a $12million  State Government  pedal partnership with Adelaide City Council will prove\

Meanwhile to the south of the parklands, 50,000-vehicle-a-day Greenhill Road is to suffer another impediment as the junction at Porter Street with traffic lights as part of a push to boost the north=south pedal path along a road that is effectively one-way thanks to parked cars.


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  1. July 29, 2016 8:58 am

    Mate, just stop this attack on cyclists.
    Cars need roads and bikes need cycle paths :(((((


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