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Codd piece of mind.

August 1, 2016

Oh what a relief…

After waiting patiently  (or not so) for a couple of decades,  users of the Henry Codd Reserve at the  northern  end of the Windsor Street  nature path  in Parkside will (sort of) soon be able to answer the other calls of nature.

Yes folks,  a convenience is on it’s way in October for your convenience. Which should be applauded by both those caught short and the shrubbery that has regularly copped a serve!Those with long memories will remember the previous construction…the outhouse remains of one of the cottages that disappeared decades ago and has been sorely missed ever since.

Why did that relief station disappear? If memory serves me right it was a constant target for graffiti artists and the nearest neighbor got tired of  his volunteering eradication program and lobbied for the bulldozers to be brought in.

Just a thought. Will there be an official mayoral opening, featuring the mayoral chain?

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