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Sky trams mystery.

August 10, 2016

OK. So I am a cynic when  it comes to the dream/nightmare of aerial tram transport along Norwood Parade and/or Unley Road. A cynicism strengthened by the photo on page two of today’s “Advertiser”.

Suspended on a rail atop slender columns, futuristc people-carriers stream above the traffic as they carry commuters (and other mere mortals) city bound.

But where, dear reader, is the means by which passengers will actually be able to take advantage of the pie-in-the-sky service? WHERE are the stops???

Speaking to a fellow Unley Councillor who was among the audience at the Unley Council HQ last night, I posed the question …without receiving any explanation, as it seems that the stumbling block was not the subject of any debate!!!

So. How DO would-be passengers board their sky-ride chariots? Lifts? Staircases? Elevators? Or perhaps hot-air balloons filled with some of the hot air we are being fed by misguided visionaries?

Will SOMEONE out there please put my fears to rest. Tell me that there will NOT be lifts, etc, cluttering up the footpaths while leading to a bridge/walkway to the various stations.Or that people will have to dodge traffic to  reach the median strip to access the lifts that will service the various stops.

And at the risk of repeating myself, repeating myself, repeating myself, for gawd’s sake will someone with an ounce of sense take up my constant plea for the introduction of metropolitan-wide park and ride.



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