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Disabled access move disarmed.

August 12, 2016

Back in mid-July, Grumpy brought you the good news that  the Hon  Kelly Vincent,MLC, intended to  present a  Bill  to Parliament tackling the problem of  access to business premises by the disabled.

Now comes the bad news…

In a letter to me in my capacity as a member of Unley Council, Ms Vincent has revealed that she will not be proceeding with the draft bill “in its current form”.

The  proposed Bill was apparently sent to the Local Government Association   earlier this year for their feedback, and that body consulted with a number of councils, which provided some suggestions.

In thanking me for raising the issue, Ms Vincent  points out, quite rightly, that the provision  and maintenance of footpaths is a matter for Council, and  she encourages me to continue to lobby for the necessary upgrades to ensure they can be used by all in the community.

That’s exactly what I will do, as the current impediments placed before the disabled people’s use of our footpaths is disgraceful and, I contend, illegal.

Hopefully the term “in its current form” means that Ms Vincent will not drop the issue…

In the meantime, if you wish to contact Ms Vincent , whose catchcry is “Dignity for Disability”, you can do so at, by phone on 823795433, or by fax on 82379489

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