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Grumpy? Me? I’m a pussycat.

August 12, 2016

Damn. I  have to admit it. But when it comes to grumpiness I am in the minor league.

Olympic gold in the invective games HAS to go to Senator James McGrath and his  Facebook assessment of the recent brouhaha concerning the suitability of a certain  political figure’s bid for a cushy  number in  the United nations.

I quote:

“I’m raising my Kevin  Rudd ‘wouldn’t trust him to operate a toaster’ to include jaffle irons, waffle makers, kettles and the remote control. Imagine sending that egotistical, hairdryer throwing, potty mouth, crybaby leaker  of secrets, back-stabbing whinger to the UN? Australia should get the Nobel Peace Prize for saving the world from  Rudd”.

Senator, I salute you for your restraint.

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