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Council-bashing fall-back.

September 6, 2016

Short of something to print between the advertisements in the ADVERTiser?

No problem.

Just regurgitate the good old standby of Local Government (read Council) bashing!

To his credit, however, business editor and Unley resident Cameron England does grudgingly concede (in his opinion piece on page 20) that “It’s not that I think  my council is doing a bad job. I think it does pretty well, actually. I just think it’s irrelevant, and a handful of ‘mega-councils’ with a large central council at the centre  (tut=tut tautology Cameron!!) could do its job much more efficiently”.

Just in case there is a cynical soul out there who suspects that I have a barrow to push, after 30 years of  fielding a  bewildering  barrage of issues as an elected  member on several councils I will  not  be battling for an extension of my time as   one of the two elected members for Parkside ward. (Cue muffled cheers…)







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