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Garagesalestrailmaniacs ahoy!

September 7, 2016

Yes folks, it’s fast approaching that time of  year (October 22), when  the city is  alive with the sound of bargaining as treasure=seekers drive desperately from suburb to suburb seeking that elusive Albert Namatjira masterpiece or rare first edition…

And Grumpy is no exception to the stampede. What’s  more, he does not, along with the legion of fellow addicts, confine himself to just one day of the year. My heritage-listed Laser is so accustomed to my quest for a kerbside “find” that he screeches to a halt almost BEFORE my foot touches the brake.

Result? In very recent times elder son’s Black Forest abode has gained four mint-condition bar stools  and an unmarked, state-of-the-art angle desk lamp …the latter retailing on Anzac Highway for fifty a nifty buckaroos.

But it’s not all “take”. With the arrival of the fruit season I dig out the  “Free Lemons” sign and they disappear quicker than you can say “Gin and tonic”.






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