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Heritage wrecking ball?

September 7, 2016

It’s being diplomatically advertised by the State Government as a plan to “streamline” the state’s heritage process.

Local Government, aka local councils, see it as something else…a “demolition derby”.

Grumpy, as a relic of the failed “Save the Aurora Hotel” movement way back when, is decidedly of the view that our built history will crumble before our eyes if the inmates of the North Terrace home for the bewildered get their way. So it’s good news that the 60-plus councils across the state have been invited to a heritage forum  at Adelaide Town Hall   later this month.

Planning Minister John  Rau says that the Government is not intent on moving to swing a wrecking ball through local heritage structures. Which, if you go by past experience, means that Government is intent on swinging a wrecking ball through local heritage structures.

Meanwhile a public feedback period on the discussion paper  has been extended to October 7.

You can read more about the plan by going to ADVERTISER.COM.AU




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