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Lawyers, L0cal Government and a lorry-load of loot…

September 9, 2016

Maybe I am just being financially naïve, but having read with alarm this week’s  Messenger newspaper article, headed “The high price of legal advice” , I  wonder whether it would not be  better for all the State’s Councils to get together and found their own  firm of legal eagles. It might JUST be possible to pare down the horrendous advice bills that the third tier of government has to meet each year.

For example (and this is only the expenditure for five of our multitudinous bodies)

BURNSIDE: Excelled itself in the field, with a grand (make that not so grand) total of $374,000, as against the previous year’s payout of $503,000.  Hot on the heels came…

UNLEY: with $288,000.

TEA TREE GULLY: $233,000.


And last, miserly…


To make matters worse, in beautiful Burnside the squabble over whether Councillor Ford should or should not erect a $3000 shade umbrella for his car cost considerably more than the legal bill…




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