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Garagesalemaniacs ahoy.

September 17, 2016

Yes folks. It’s almost that time of year when Adelaide comes alive (on October22)  to the Sound of Bargaining as motorists scuttle from  suburb to suburb in search of that elusive Albert Namatjira masterpiece or other bargain lurking in garages and driveways across the  State.

And yes, Grumpy will be there… in his heritage-listed Laser primed to screech to a halt at my faintest foot=tap on the brake.

And why is that? It’s all due to the year-long practice he gets at emergency stops. For I have to admit that I am not just a once-a-year searcher for a  bargain…With the result that elder son’s abode in  Black Forest has recently been blessed with the arrival of a set of mint condition bar stools and an unmarked adjustable desk lamp that goes for $60 down on Anzac Highway. Hard rubbish is hard to ignore.

Meanwhile, it’s not all one-way traffic. When the season comes around I dig out the tacky bit of cardboard from the garden shed and the sign is placed on the  nearby stobie inviting people to help themselves to free lemons. (And no, I’m NOT talking about the Laser!).








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