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Beware: Your mail privacy is trashed by your local Council

September 20, 2016

It’s nothing new. In fact I raised the disgraceful  issue many  moons ago with Unley Council, but sadly the intrusive practice persists, as it’s apparently not illegal…

Apparently, though, the good burgers of Burnside have only just woken up to the disturbing fact that their mail addressed to them  c/o the council offices –even if it is marked “confidential” and “private” –is opened and read by council staff.   When, many moons ago,  I drew my colleagues’ attention to the delicate issue, I suggested that the practice contravene the laws regarding mail tampering. We were told, however,  that staff were entirely within their rights to open and log  missives.

In light of Burnside’s situation, a situation shared by councils across the state, I will be suggesting that the matter be tested within the State’s legal system asap.

Meanwhile, if you have cause to send me mail which could contain possibly litigious issues, PLEASE do so via my home address…44a, Blyth Street, Parkside 5063.



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  1. September 23, 2016 3:04 pm

    Legal opinion say council staff must open and record all letters.
    No ifs and buts. It be the law.
    No point fight.
    Keep your hair on.


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