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KISS a koala.

September 27, 2016

Well, not exactly smooch them. They tend to fight back, and their claws are reasonably sharp.

KISS is actually the acronym for Koala Important Summer Survival, a document put out on the Koala Hotline ( telephone 72260017) by the Fauna Rescue Team..

The hotline has produced a leaflet with a five-point guide to helping out  when  the weather gets hot and the furry ones need assistance.

Water. Yes, they DO drink, so put out shallow trays.

Pools. They can’t swim, so place a secure rope or ladder to get them out if they fall in.

Dogs. They hurt koalas, so keep an eye on your pet. And if they bark, check them out.

Home. They live in the hills AND your suburbs. So, if you come across one in  trouble, get help immediately.

Call the koala hotline 24/7 if you see a distressed or injured koala….the number is above.

P.s.  Chateau Grumpy had a garden visitor some years ago, and last summer I had to stand guard while a large bundle of fur held up traffic in a nearby street before wandering off into a nearby linear park.





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  1. September 27, 2016 3:55 pm

    So, if koalas can’t swim, how do they get over to the rope or ladder to climb out?
    Rabbits can swim, kangaroos can swim, so are you sure that koalas can’t swim.


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