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Ga-ga. Part 2.

October 6, 2016

Further to the free “Advertiser” plug for THAT offering of $850 Grange…(which should send all of you scuttling to the nearest grog-shop before the supply runs out).

Number One Son, who used to work in the eating industry, tells it (as an eye-witness) this way…

Scene: An upmarket (VERY upmarket) steak house opposite the Central Market.

Cast: A table of notable businessmen. And a young, trainee waitress.

Action: Said waitress presents the ordered bottle correctly, so that the diners can view the treasured label…and then sends $600  crashing to the floor.

Shock. Horror. Floods of feminine tears dilute the  growing  red pool. Exit hysterical  waitress to the safety of the kitchens. Enter the aghast proprietor.

Exit line to the drama. From the  calm host.

“Just bring us another of the same…”

Boom boom.




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