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Le Cornu’s death an answer to Unley’s population explosion.

October 8, 2016

Let’s think vertical and lateral at the same time.

The furniture giant has gone to the great lounge-room in the sky. At the same time,  Unley should be starting to  look at how it is going to meet the North Terrace dream/ nightmare  of a huge boost in the state and city population.

In the case of Unley the shoehorn scenario is around 5,000 more bodies  (if memory serves me right) between Greenhill Road and Cross Road in the next decade or so, with the threat to our suburbs’ serenity and character.

The Le Cornu site measures a significant 3.6 hectares. It’s a settee toss from the rail line, with  a frontage to Anzac Highway. Minimal impact on surrounding properties. Ideal for high (REALLY HIGH), residential development. I’m talking the sort of sky-scraping that’s taking place in the square mile.

The occupancy rate would put a VERY large dent in the  residential influx Unley is being lumbered with by the State Government.



ak em and pack em


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