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CATS campaign craziness.

October 12, 2016

Why, oh why, does the media continue to kowtow to the feline-friendly fulminations of the serial letter-writer championess of cats?

Cats are an introduced, murderous pest which are  death on native wildlife. So why all the hullabaloo in this week’s suburban newspaper chain’s letters column?.

Criticising the regulations for the amendments to the Dog and Cat Management, which would see the compulsory microchipping of cats and kittens over three months old,  the spokeswoman  for CATS (Cats Assistance To Sterilise)  describes the law as “a blatant infringement on  civil rights and the community should be screaming”.

On the financial front she also rails against the cost. “Why should an owner have to pay for an expensive vet consultation and a letter, on  veterinary grounds, to state that the microchipping is a health risk when it is known fact that microchips are dangerous?”

So who should pay, the public at large via Government taxes?

Sorry, but I resent  the intrusion of felines which know no frontiers as they stalk native birds and animals. I believe, unlike CATS, that responsible owners would not resent a one-off fee.



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