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Footpath folly

October 24, 2016

Five years ago, Unley Council committed itself to a programme of footpath reconstruction as part of its proud boast to be a pedestrian friendly city, with pavements generally with a 1.2m width.

This evening, to my angst, my fellow councillors  gave their seal of approval to a motion  that  could see the treatment of a handful of streets throughout the city with, in some cases, footpaths at  1.2 of a metre. Sadly, and to  my disgust, (which I expressed forcefully) that included one street which will probably now have its footpaths paved with a width (wait for it) of just .9 of a metre. That’s only  over  half the width  under national recommendations.

Five years is a loooong wait for action, especially when  the 2011 resolution mentioned  above referred to an eight-year time frame for city-wide treatment. I suggested that it would probably be another five years without much progress being made.

Meanwhile, I continue to rail against the programme, which saw the footpaths in Castle Street in Parkside treated recently  with expensive paving WHICH IN MORE THAN A FEW PLACES  IS A MERE . 9 OF A METRE WIDE. That forces the staff of  a nearby nursing  home  to push wheelchair-bound residents in the middle of the street!!!. And heaven help any gopher user! Or  mothers pushing a double pram (which are becoming increasingly popular) The pram, that is….

I do not intend to abandon my campaign, and a little bird tells me that there will soon be much more public light shone on the issue.  And, as a spin-off, just what Council will eventually come up with about the future treatment of street trees?.

Watch this space.



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