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FOCUS sees red over Village Green threat

November 2, 2016

Just what is planned for Unley’s Village Green?

If you read the flyer being circulated around town it’s all about a proposal which has the “Friends of Unley” up in arms.

I quote:

“Are you aware of what is proposed for the ‘Unley Central’ precinct under a new Development Plan Amendment devised by Council to meet State Government requirements? Eight storeys on the Village Green and the loss of perimeter heritage villas. Further high rise in the area enclosed by Unley, Oxford, Edmund abd Rugy Streets (Civic Centre)). Planned Unley Road development with up to five storeys on the eastern side and 11 storys on the western side.

“Do you want a glut of high-rise apartments in the historic heart of Unley, and traffic disruptions on and around Unley Road?”

What  FOCUS (Friends of the City of Unley Society) advocates is: Retain Village Green and villas. No high-rise in the Civic precinct. Height limits on Unley Road (seven storeys on the west, three storeys on the east. Adequate setbacks. 30degree angle for all planned buildings.

Have your say…before Friday, November 18th…and tell Council what you want.

For information: or ring Ros on o0438723001 or Warren on 0419852622.

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