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Residents see red over green.

December 1, 2016

With a public  consultation producing an overwhelming “no” to any development moves that would impinge on Unley’s beloved village green (behind the  civic centre on Unley Road), it looks as if the long list of applications for speaking rights might very well see  next Tuesday’s evening meeting having to be moved from the Council Chamber to the nearby Town Hall…

And the  whole exercise could just be a case of misunderstanding, with the official line stating emphatically that the  patch of green and the adjoining cottages (including the museum) are NOT in the firing line. Time will tell.

One (i.e. me) would hope that it IS all a sad misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, though, the vast majority of respondents to the public consultation have interpreted the  grand vision of a high-rise revamp of the whole of the city’s central  business district as  including a threat to the green. Out of just under 300 trenchant comments, no fewer than 250 respondents have told Council to back off from the  whole  CBD idea. Especially with regard to the green.

If you want to be privy to the protestors’ angst, a copy of all the public responses are available at the Civic Centre during business hours. They make VERY interesting reading.


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