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“Flannelled fools” versus colourful clouters

December 30, 2016

Grumpy’s summer Saturdays were sometimes spent watching Somerset’s finest toil away on the manicured turf of Taunton’s cricket ground. A pleasant, soporific past-time, interrupted,  very occasionally, by a politely  applauded boundary .

Last evening,  with  Australian/Pakistan Test play halted by rain, and with nothing better to do, Grumpy reached for the channel button… and watched an entirely different sport being played out before a  raucous full house consisting (or so it seemed) entirely  of youngsters well past their bedtime.

Don’t get me wrong. It was exciting stuff. How could it be otherwise, with two runs for victory needed off the last ball,  which soared high over the boundary into an ecstatic crowd.

All of which left me with a foreboding feeling . How come, in the long-term, will the  lethargic sport of my youth be able to survive in these days of (almost) instant, logo-laden  satisfaction?

Happy New Year.

Over. And out.




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