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Whatta Welsh waste

January 24, 2017

I’m sure it’s all with the very best of intentions, but…

I had to have a wry chuckle at the “language” sector of the latest WEA brochure tucked inside the latest edition of our local “Messenger”.

For just over $100 you can enrol for a ten-hour course ingesting the incomprehensible vowels and constanants they indulge in west of Britain’s Offa’s Dyke (the Dylan Thomas equivalent of the Great Wall of China..)

Generally speaking, the lads and lasses from Llandudno and that railway town with a totally baffling moniker stretching across a couple of dozen syllables are wont to switch to their native tongue at the whiff of an English-orientated  accent.

Heading for the local tavern some years ago, our (English) host warned us that things would become silent  the moment we fronted the bar. Sure enough, a millisecond after I ordered a round the room exploded into a baffling babble of their  local dialect.

Save your $100.





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