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Two-wheeled waiting whinge

January 25, 2017

Sorry, but I can’t really whip up any sympathy for those poor, persecuted pedallists who have to wait a whole TWO  MINUTES for the lights to change in their favour at Greenhill Road’s latest set of traffic lights.

I’m talking about the installation of the  pro-pedal crossing at the northern end of Unley’s Porter Street…a Parkside thoroughfare which has car-parking on both sides, leaving a narrow stretch of tarmac scarcely wide enough for a car and cyclist to pass/overtake, but which is now designated as a major bike route!!!

Now, it seems, cycling commuters are hugely upset because their own special $300,000 (!!) cyclist-activated crossing place on 50,000- vehicles- a- day Greenhill Road doesn’t work quickly enough for their liking.

Meanwhile, this week’s “Courier” has the Transport Department claiming that in fact the average waiting time at the crossing is just ONE minute, and lower during off-peak hours.


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  1. January 26, 2017 7:19 am

    It’s a matter of prioritising the traffic on Greenhill Road. It’s primary purpose is to move cars.
    DPTI says the maximum wait for cyclists is 1 minute (not 2 minutes) so that must be the case. You won’t win arguing statistics with DPTI.
    Surely after a long and hard ride from Mitcham the cyclists would want a bit of a breather waiting for the lights to change.
    Maybe the recording of wait times was taken during the period when the South Road bridge started to crumble; and traffic was diverted elsewhere.
    A 1-2 minute wait for lights is quite acceptable.


    • Ian S permalink
      January 28, 2017 6:16 am

      The noise will subside soon enough and be taken up by the louder moans of others with more self righteous causes. DPTI would not have put the crossing in if there hadn’t been serious safety issues with people walking too. I’ve seen a lot of people nearly get hit from trying to cross a 3 lane highway. I’ve also seen many drivers get collected before the intersection was modified. Funnily enough, with practically similar daily numbers of drivers and “parasites and feeloaders”, it was pretty much 100% drivers that were hit. At least it is now possible for children to cross that traffic sewer without playing Russian Roulette with their lives. Stay calm,breath and relax. There are bigger issues to deal with than believe everything you read in a paper owned by News Ltd (like 9 storey buildings on George St).


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