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Unley’s Great Rates Illusion.

May 2, 2017

Houdini, the greatest escape artist of all time, would, in my humble opinion,  be mightily envious of the dollar dexterity being demonstrated just south of the Parklands.

I direct your attention, dear ratepayers, to the current civic deliberations over just how much extra revenue is destined to flow into Unley’s municipal coffers post July .

At the most recent discussions in the council chamber the general opinion was that it was possible to keep the rate rise to a respectable, ratepayer friendly figure of less than three percent… while paying off $3million or so of our current $14million debt.

An admirable outcome…on the face of it.

Which is where Grumpy, in his role as one of the Councillors for Parkside Ward, is at odds with practically every one of his dozen colleagues.

WHY? Because all the above can only be achieved, gentle reader, by…wait for it…taking out a new loan of $3MILLION. Which will see our total  debt burden top $15million,  just a teeny bit more than the mere $6million facing the citizenry of our neighbours to the south, in Mitcham.

Never mind. I was assured  by a civic colleague who shares my initials but not my fears,  that it will be alright on the night, and we will have wiped our dollar burden within less than a decade. Even though the debt graph I have asked to be made available at the next council meeting shows an inexorable upward trend over the past six or seven years. And even though Unley  Council is one of the players in a massively expensive flood mitigation scheme destined for Brownhill Creek.

I’m off to have a few (dozen) tranquillisers and a good lie down.

More later.











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